Web Design

Website Design and SEO Northern Ireland

With website design there are lots of important things to consider. One of the most commonly overlooked factors is accessibility. Legally, websites need to have text on them which can be read by software for those with disabilities. Usability, is also an important factor because you want your visitors to feel comfortable and to be able to navigate easily and determine what is and isn’t clickable.

In addition to making your website accessible and usable, you must think about search engines because search engines read websites too! They can also be quite picky about what they do and don’t like. As an example, if there is any hidden text on your pages the search engines may penalise you. Also, because search engines can only read text (not see videos or images), it’s good practice to include concise captions or descriptions on any videos or flash games you choose to embed on your website.

Errors in a site’s code can also cause it to be ignored by search engines because they may be ‘unable to read’ them: there are a great may dos and don’ts. Another widespread issue is that of duplicate content either within your site or relating to another site: potentially deadly from a search engine point of view. Always make sure that your content is unique and fresh.

When it comes to formatting text, using header tags for headers and standard punctuation works best because it’s easy for search engines to understand. Search engines are also sensitive to grammar and spelling, as are your visitors!

Finally, choose a colour scheme which compliments your business colours and make sure the site is simple yet visually appealing. And don’t forget to check out your competitors.