Search Engine Optimisation Northern Ireland.

Lots of websites don’t even appear in the search engines because people simply don’t realise how they work. Furthermore, competition can be fierce when it comes to search engine listings and lots of techniques are used to try to make websites more visible. However, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways in which to raise the ranking of your website in ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ search results.

There are essentially three main areas in SEO:-

On-Page Optimisation
This essentially involves tuning the code of your website around the search terms for which you wish to rank, creating it in a way which is both search engine and user friendly. There are hundreds of factors involved in doing this properly but it is largely a one-time exercise: when the site’s framework is built to the right standards, concentrate on other SEO activities and don’t fiddle!

Fresh, unique, constantly updated content is the life blood of the search engines. Site owners that make the effort to add relevant content to their sites on an ongoing basis should generally see strong SEO benefits from so doing. Uniqueness both within your site and on the web as a whole is vital here: duplicate content is a site killer so make sure it is your own.

Link Building
Although ever more difficult to ask for links from other site owners (because they are inundated with requests), establishing links from other relevant websites to your own and offering links back (or some other form of value so long as it isn’t money – paying for links is a great way to get banned from the search engines) is a vital activity.

The combination of fresh unique content and relevant links carefully acquired on an ongoing basis is hard to beat.