Relevant Links

Relevant Link Building

Link Building is one of the hardest elements of any search engine optimisation strategy and yet is absolutely vital. By linking to relevant sites and by attracting links from other relevant websites to yours, you will send the message to the search engines that you are relevant for certain search terms and your ranking for those terms should improve. Links are essentially an online expression of a human “vote of confidence” in a website. There are many considerations to link building and it is essential it is done in a search engine friendly way for long term results.

The first is, be ethical. It is a bad idea to pay people for displaying your links (outside of banner type advertising conventions, or course). It is also not a good idea to create lots of other sites for the sole purpose of posting links to your main site. These would be considered spam.

For link building to be ethical and effective you need it to keep it ‘natural’. That means you’ll need to vary the text you surround your link with on different websites and link out to your link partners from related, relevant pages too. You need to link continuously at a sensible level. If you suddenly have a thousand links to your website crop up overnight the search engines may become suspicious and penalise you.

Relevancy is key. You should only link to and ask for links from sites relevant to your subject. Complimentary sites that would be useful to your users is the guideline here. Although there are many article sites and directories out there, few of them will be really valuable. Better to approach other webmasters directly and offer to either exchange links or offer something else of value to them (not money!) instead: perhaps access to a tool or widget or even offer to write some relevant content for their site. If you have an affiliate programme, offer them commission for any traffic they send.