Pay Per Click (PPC) Northern Ireland

Pay per Click (PPC) is different from other forms of online marketing because of the immediacy of the results. Whereas you may pay an SEO firm to work on your ‘natural’ (unpaid) search engine rankings, results for this are not guaranteed and will be longer term. With PPC, you only pay whenever a user clicks on one of your links (advertisements).

PPC adverts are generally shown towards the top of a results page on search engines, they also feature on advertising networks and websites such as blogs. Each time a user clicks through to the advertised site via the link, the advertiser pays for that particular visitor. In order to make this model effective and profitable it is vital that you identify the right search terms. These need to be in the optimum spot between high traffic but expensive terms and low traffic lower cost terms.

With PPC results displayed on search engine results pages, the search term entered by the internet user will determine what advertisements are shown to them, so advertisements associated with less popular keywords in them will be viewed by fewer users. That said, the more specific your keyword is, the more likely it is that your advert and product or service will be relevant and the more likely they are to click and buy.

The benefits are obvious; you get what you pay for and the whole thing is measurable; PPC also provides instant exposure to your target market.

The major drawbacks are that over time, buying the higher performing keywords for your industry can prove expensive; monitoring PPC campaigns closely enough to ascertain how well you’re doing takes time and energy and there is a good deal of constant tuning needed to ensure you get a decent return.