Northen Ireland Search Engine Marketing and SEO.

A lot of people still think that as soon as their web designer has finished their lovely new site they can punch their choice of keywords into a search engine and they will be at the top! The reality is that you won’t even be in the search engine results for your own company name! This is because the search engines don’t know that your new site exists let alone have any idea of it’s relevance to the search terms you wish to rank for.

Even sites that are established won’t deliver good volumes of traffic if they have never been optimized or promoted online. In our opinion the design of a website is only 25% of the work required, especially if your business is in a particularly competitive industry both online and offline.

There are many compnents in the overall formula of a well optimised highly ranking website that delivers the lifeblood of your business Рnew leads on a daily basis. These components include correct site organisation and set up, quality fresh content that is unique and engaging and links from relevant resources to mention but a few.  Establised in 2004 as Northern Ireland Search Engine Marketing (NISEM) we have the long acquired knowledge needed to give your business a boost online. Our experience comes directly from promoting our own websites in some of the most competitive areas of the web, such as insurance and finance.

We are happy to help new and experienced website owners from one man bands to big business in the ongoing task of Building Your Online Presence. Initial consulation by phone is free and we have service packages from basic to bespoke to suit all budgets. Get in touch today!