Content Writing

A popular catchphrase among Webmasters is ‘Content is King’. The truth is that good quality, easy to read information is the reason why people use the internet, so when it comes to web design, written content truly is king. Good quality content matters to the people who use your website but it’s also vitally important if you want to get good search engine rankings.

Google and other search engines favour websites which are regularly updated.
The word ‘Content’ usually refers to the simple, plain text on a website and this needs to be formatted with ordinary HTML or another simple variant which the search engines can easily read. Keeping links basic and using header tags for headers are techniques which the search engines love. Basic universal fonts and simple punctuation are also best.

More than this, search engines such as Google prefer websites which have plenty of unique fresh content because content which is updated regularly changes what Google has cached and the search engines notice that the site is ‘live’ or dynamic. This means that your website offers more than stagnant old articles and is more ‘important’ than other websites which are updated less often, all other things being equal. In turn this helps in improving your placement in the search results.

Useful, unique content alone can thus draw people to your website and inspire them to refer friends or add you to their favourites. So, if you’re considering content writing make sure you use simple, plain HTML, choose easy to read standard fonts such as Arial or Verdana and create something which is genuinely relevant, useful, informative and fun to read.