Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultancy Northern Ireland

Almost all internet users find information using search engines. Thus, you need to be high on search engine listings in order to increase traffic to your website. The main three ways in which to achieve this are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) PPC (Pay Per Click) and Social Media.

SEO is a complex area involving optimising the code and the text content of your website for specific keywords, together with linking to and obtaining links from other relevant sites. Your efforts here are picked up by search engines because they are relevant to your target market and as a result you will ‘naturally’ or ‘organically’ rank higher. The pay back on using SEO techniques is probably the strongest of all Search Engine Marketing techniques but it is almost invariably a long term exercise taking many months before you see results.

With PPC you only pay for the traffic you get (the ‘clicks’ through to your website). PPC adverts are displayed high up on search results pages and sometimes on other websites who get a share of the cost per click. It is easy to understand the associated costs but they are ongoing and competition determines price. Choosing the right keywords is vital.

Social Media including Blogging is a relatively new way to attract attention online. By providing fresh content as a ‘blog’ on your site you appeal to search engines. Visitors to your website should enjoy reading your blog and may link to it and refer friends to it. Other Social Media elements include posting (and attracting posts and links) on other forums and blogs.

Is this all getting a little overwhelming? NISEM Limited offer a consultancy service covering all aspects of SEM to help choose the right approach for your business.