Blogging for Business Northern Ireland

The word blog itself is actually a contraction of the term ‘web log’ and blogs are a space in which people can express their feelings, thoughts and share news and indeed invite feedback. However, they also help businesses of all sizes to build an online reputation and promote their brand identity.

Blogs are rather like a diary or dedicated newspaper column but because they’re cheap to set up (there is plenty of free blogging software out there) and can be highly effective marketing tools they are becoming an essential form of internet marketing. In general blogs can be separated in to two groups, the personal and the professional, although these frequently overlap. By writing a blog which encapsulates the ‘personality’ of your business you have a direct way in which to address your target market. You also have a way to show that market what you’re all about and what you can offer them.

People often visit blogs and add those that they find interesting, funny or useful to their ‘favourites’ list so that they can return later or show friends. So, you could also find that regular readers refer friends to your blog or website and even post links to your blog from their own sites, which will potentially help to raise your search engine rankings.

Fresh content is something the search engines love. Thus a regularly updated blog is a really good asset and high quality content also gives your readers a reason to come back time and time again. A useful blog which is updated regularly will get referenced around the internet and earn you inbound links. People also love contributing and responding (although you will of course need to police this) and are again motivated to link to their own cleverness!